Randall K. Wolf

Delegate District 20

Putting People First 

and healing the divide

I believe people are our greatest resource and that government’s role should be to support their interests. Putting people first involves a commitment to listening to your needs and empowering working families. I am willing to push big ideas with pragmatic perseverance. I bring financial sensibilities tied with social vision, and I am dedicated to working within the system to improve it and bring about solutions.


I love this nation, but hate the division we currently have. We have to get back to governing not fighting, and I am committed to forming a bi-partisan caucus in the General Assembly to address key issues.  

Stewardship for rural rights to me means respecting that family farming is the bedrock of the district. I will work to maintain open space, expand  broadband and cellphone coverage, and protect our environment. Creating greater opportunities for technical training and quality careers will be the focus of my economic development goals. 

Common ground provides stronger footing and I hope to have the opportunity to serve the people Highland, Nelson, and Augusta Counties, and Staunton, and Waynesboro as your Delegate for District 20.

Stewardship for Rural Rights 

1.       Rural Rights: Affordable Broadband and Cellphone Coverage to support education, tele-med, and safety; Support for Family Farming; Landowner Rights; and building a strong rural economy with quality jobs.

2.       Livable Wages and State Income Tax Reform: It’s time to lower taxes for most working families and support livable wages. It's time for a trickle up economy.

3.       Justice Reform and Mental Health Care – not incarceration. I'm against the expansion of Middle River Regional Jail. I will fight to create mental health care and drug abuse support that includes separate first responders and short-term care facilities. Jail cells are not care cells.

4.       Legalization of Marijuana: I will work for a Fields-to-Factory approach to create jobs from growing Hemp and Marijuana on family farms and producing products from them.

5.       Land Stewardship and Environmental protections that would include promoting solar projects that would maintain open space, reduce pollution from farm runoff and offer space for native plants as pollinators or even some crops. 

6.       Updating the Sunshine Law requiring greater transparency of state and local government including mandatory live streaming of all public meetings.

My Super Six

African proverb

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

 Please join me in this journey and go far together and turn District 20 BLUE!  


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before Oct. 12, 2021 for the Nov. 2 election. 


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