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My Priorities

The Super Six

  1. Affordable broadband and cell phone access

  2. Justice reform and behavioral health crisis care

  3. Trickle UP economics through livable wages & reducing state taxes for working families 

  4. Transparency in state & local Government

  5. Economic development through tech & trade training, fields to factory with hemp and marijuana, and communities built for a lifestyle of wellness.

  6. Land stewardship, family famers support and landowner's rights


Rural Rights  

This phrase covers so many critical things in the lives of so many in the district. Family farms need to have quality broadband to use GPS technology to manage fertilizing crops that will increase yields and decrease pollution in our streams. They need broadband to educate their children, have medical access for a love one, and connect to friends and family. Broadband is not a luxury, but a necessity. 

Agriculture has been and will remain the backbone of our regions economy, but it needs support. Large landowners who have harvested corn, soybeans, or raised cattle should be encouraged to harvest energy from the sun. Solar projects provide a stable income, provide a dramatic increase in property tax revenue without the burdens of a sub-division or industrial complex and will be instrumental in our state and nation's energy independence and help reverse the effects of fossil fuels on our climate. We need to include the removal of these projects as part of the plan, which we should also require for large factories that will return the land to it's current state. 

Family farms in the district include corn, soybean, and cattle, but also include so many other types of agricultural production. 

Justice reform will allow us to focus law enforcement agencies to enforce laws, while legalization of marijuana and expunging past arrests will reduce needless arrests and lower our incarceration rate. Growing hemp and marijuana will on family farms will strengthen our economy, building factories to produce products from these crops will create quality jobs and fifty percent of the new tax revenue stream should be dedicated mental health care, including crisis teams to be first responders to people in need of care, not a police officer or deputy sheriff. I want  


to empower people and help them focus on their strengths, and away from their weaknesses. This is what I did as a manager for years. 

These issues should not be looked at as one or alone, but how to they fit within society and impact people.